Your free ebook is on its way to your inbox, but before you go...
I have put together something extraordinary, just for you!
Your free ebook is on its way to your inbox, but before you go, I have put together something extraordinary, just for you!

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Freedom From Anxiety Is Closer Than You Think
Freedom From Anxiety Is Much Closer Than You Think
Hi, my name is Lee Chapman, I’ll introduce myself fully in just a moment.

But right now I want you to look at this study on the screen...
It was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and shared the discovery of an incredible new strategy that significantly improves mental wellbeing. 

The ONLY strategy in the world that is doctor tested and proven in independent scientific studies to significantly lower anxiety.

Studies have confirmed this new approach is at least 3 times more effective at lowering anxiety than meditation and exercise.

It works so well, even study participants who did the bare minimum had noticeable
improvements. Many within the first few days!
People Are Using This Groundbreaking New Strategy As We Speak
A mother of 2 from the UK who was struggling with chronic anxiety saw amazing results following this exact strategy with me.

When we first spoke, she told me how she remembered being happy, confident, and enjoying life.

But, that all changed when out of nowhere her husband told her he was leaving her and their kids. It broke her heart. 

Soon the stresses of raising and supporting a family alone took a huge toll on her mental health.

She lost her confidence, she felt unhappy and anxious and was afraid she couldn’t give her children the upbringing they deserved. She was forced to find a way to improve her mental wellbeing or risk her children suffering.

She spent months trying all of the typical advice and nothing worked. She didn’t know where to turn.

One day, while searching for guidance she came across a video of mine sharing a breakthrough new approach achieving great results for people suffering from anxiety and decided to give it a try.

Within days she experienced a noticeable shift in how she felt and that was just the beginning. Her story took an incredible twist...
If You Have Not Seen Results With The Typical Advice, It's NOT Your Fault!
If like this young lady you’ve not seen results with other anxiety advice in the past, it’s NOT your fault. This is because the typical advice only focuses on the symptoms of anxiety. 

You're told to get more sleep, exercise, and keep a positive attitude. But, this doesn’t help because anxiety isn’t a passing mood you can sleep off. Anxiety is a state of mind and body.

The breakthrough strategy you’re about to see is totally different…

It’s a brand new way of lowering anxiety. It’s all about fixing the ROOT of the problem and feeling better and better with each day that passes.
Anxiety Is NOT Benign, It Needs To Be Fixed ASAP! 
I am sharing this information with as many people as possible because chronic anxiety needs to be fixed asap.

The side effects of anxiety cause your body to release stress hormones. Over time these stress hormones lead to significant issues:
Anxiety eats away at your physical and mental wellbeing and can quickly lead to depression. It is not something you want to put off.

The good news is, the sooner you start working on it,  the easier it is to fix.
After Suffering From Anxiety For Years, I Managed To Overcome It
I know this first hand because growing up I suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem.

I tried getting more sleep, improving my diet, and working on my mindset because that’s what everyone told me you had to do to fix it. But, nothing gave me a lasting improvement.

After struggling with anxiety for years, I knew I couldn't live like this any longer and made the decision to start studying psychology myself.
Incredible Breakthroughs Have Been Made Which Never Made It Into The Mainstream Media
In the years that followed I studied at some of the top psychology universities in the world. Very quickly I began learning things no one had ever told me before.

I learned about incredibly successful scientists that had been able to change people's lives using groundbreaking techniques. Techniques anxiety sufferers like you and I could do from home!

But because there was no drug to be sold or money to be made this information never made it into the mainstream media.
When I Started Using Them I Saw The Same Results Reported In The Studies
I started using these same techniques and exercises and I saw dramatic changes in a matter of days.

I was studying and working full time so the techniques were perfect for someone like me who didn’t want to completely alter their way of living but wanted to be anxiety-free and happy.

That’s the beauty of these techniques! You only need to find 5, maybe 10 minutes per day because they’re so effective, you can feel fantastic fast.
They Turned My Life Around
These techniques turned my life around completely. My anxiety was non-existent, and for the first time ever, I had the confidence to start chasing my goals.

My friends and family couldn't believe it when I invited them to the play I wrote and acted in off the west end in London. 

Up until this point, I was working a typical 9-5, had been an average student in school, and showed no sign of doing anything noteworthy.

However, after following this strategy, I went on to appear in international commercials, write an award-winning film script and ended up being paid to travel the world for a major financial institution.
And They Will Work For You Too...
And it’s not just me, look what happened to Richard Thomas from Pennsylvania, USA:
When he started following this strategy with me last year he was anxious, unhappy, and his marriage was at an all-time low. His anxiety stopped him from being the husband and father he knew he was capable of being.

Today he’s a totally new man.

He’s found his confidence, drive, and joy, and his family love the person he has become.
How It Works...
Now, in order for you to get the most out of this strategy, it’s important that you first understand how it works.

The most common trigger of anxiety is something called automatic negative thoughts.

See, I discovered years ago that many anxiety suffers have a naturally pessimistic mind. Our brains are filled with more fears and doubts than the average person.

Stressful experiences in our past have caused our minds to develop an excessively high number of these negative thoughts. 90% of the time they occur subconsciously so you’re completely unaware of them.

However, even though you’re not aware of them each thought causes a small increase in stress hormones.

Now, as stress hormones go up, your sleep quality, mood, and your body's ability to digest food go down.
You Can Imagine The Detrimental Impact That Has
...Your automatic negative thoughts get louder and more frequent, and the cycle gets worse.

Your body goes into an anxious state of fear. Eventually, you have so much stress running through your veins, you're permanently on edge, you have no energy, your sex drive plummets, and your relationships suffer.

At this point, the anxious state is controlling your emotions. That’s why the typical advice fails to make a dent. 

Scientists have known this for years...

Mental health issues have only been increasing and the typical advice doesn't help those with real anxiety.

Therefore, they had to find a way to reverse the downward trend otherwise society was in trouble.

They have been searching for solutions for over 25 years.
Recently Scientists Made A Breakthrough...
The analysis I mentioned at the top of the page shared the discovery of a strategy that practically stops your brain from thinking automatic negative thoughts.

That wasn’t the most interesting part...

They found that without the automatic negative thoughts, the whole thing falls apart. The spiral stops.

Then, by shifting those negative thoughts to positive, you begin to reverse the cycle.

This is why the NY Times declared this discovery:
John Hopkins University said:
Once the cycle has been broken, only then does the typical advice start to make a difference. Does that all make sense?
Lee A. Chapman
In 2017 I started decided I needed to start sharing this strategy with those who could benefit from it. From my little office in Tokyo, Japan, I created a step-by-step process for people to follow. Each day I gave them 1 or 2 exercises to do and within days, everyone who followed the process saw fantastic results.

Many have gone on to start their dream business. Others have brought a new level of happiness to their families. Some have shared these principles with their clients and watched their lives change.
So, Let Me Ask You A Question...
Do you feel like you could find 5-10 minutes for the next few days to follow some simple exercises?

Would you like to feel a significant drop in your anxiety this week?

Would you like me to show you exactly what to do and how to do it to achieve this?

If you would, I have put together something very special for the people who reach this page. 

This groundbreaking process has been vastly improved since 2017. It is now a fully online program people can go through at their own pace called the...
The Mental Wealth Challenge is the only program available today specifically designed to take you through this process in the order that gives you what I call, mental wealth.

Recently, after going through the challenge mother of 3 Deja from Texas, USA said:
Just a few days into the challenge Nancy from London, UK said:
Remember the young lady from earlier?

4 months after completing the challenge she sent me a message saying she had done something she never believed possible.

I asked her what she had done and she told me she started her own business and quit the job she hated!

Her journey didn't stop there...

6 months later she had met and fallen in love with a guy she is totally crazy about...
The Reason This Works So Well...
The reason the challenge works so well is because it takes you through the 4 key steps needed to significantly improve your mental wellbeing for years to come.

Each day there is a video around 10 minutes long detailing the simple exercises you need to focus on for that day. Plus, it is very easy to follow...

To take away all of the guesswork and make it even easier, I created a printable activity book with all the exercises nicely laid out for you.

All you have to do is spend 5-10 minutes going through the activity book and the exercises will work around the clock while you get on with your day.

How good does that sound?
The Reason This Works So Well...
A leading therapist in the UK recently valued the challenge at £5000.

But, as I said at the start of this video, because you’re here, I can tell you’re ready to improve your anxiety and I would like to help you do that.

But I’m aware this is a brand new relationship. So I’d like to make you a very special offer.

I want you to see and feel just how incredible this strategy is.
So, I Would Like To Offer You...
Week 1 Of The Mental Wealth Challenge
Lifetime access to the week in which we use special techniques to greatly improve your automatic negative thoughts!
A One-of-a-Kind Activity Book
Plus give you the full activity book for week 1, jam-packed full of incredible exercises (including the best exercises from those studies mentioned earlier!) 
Full Guidance & Support On Your Journey
And, you will also receive the same high level of support as those who pay the full price.
That's Not All...
If you’re putting your trust in me to get you results, I want you to be wow’d by the results you get. So, I am throwing in some incredible free bonuses!
Free Bonus #1: Eat Your Way To Mental Wealth (VALUE £69)
We all know diet is important for our health but did you know there are foods you can eat that will increase the levels of happiness hormones flowing through your body? Do you know the common 'healthy' foods that scientists previously labelled healthy but recently discovered know you need to throw out? With this guide, you could be improving how you feel from the inside out 15 minutes from now!
Free Bonus #2: The Morning Anxiety Remedy (VALUE £69)
The mornings are a hard time for many people. So let's fix that immediately. Just for this offer, I’m also including a powerful training called 'The Morning Anxiety Remedy'. The first 30 minutes of your day determine the whole day and this easy to digest training explains recently discovered techniques to greatly improve your morning mood and elevate the entire day. You can use these techniques tomorrow morning and see the difference they make to how you feel.
Free Bonus #3: Two Inspiring Books (VALUE £14)
There’s more because I am also including 2 books that have been recommended by everyone from movie stars to Nobel prize winners. The 1st is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. This book has helped countless people gain clarity on themselves and their lives. Reading it will give you a whole new perspective and lead to some big breakthroughs of your own.

The 2nd free book is Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is recommended time and time again by people who started off with nothing and managed to create incredible success in their lives because it explains how to use your mind to create riches in your life. Not just financial wealth but riches of happiness, business success and your relationships.
This whole package I’ve put together for you today is valued at a whopping:
Which, considering the transformational results it gives you, is a bargain.

But, right now, on this page, I would like to offer you this package:
For Only £27
(That's 97% off!)
But, I'm Still Not Done...
A One-of-a-Kind 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Everything we do at Mentalx is designed to be special. So, you also get our one-of-a-kind full money-back guarantee. I'm so confident in the quality of the challenge, it either gives you the results you are looking for or you get your money back. You have a full 30 days before deciding whether or not you want to keep it. Does that sound fair?
When You Purchase This One-Time Offer:
  •  Lifetime access to Week 1 of The Mental Wealth Challenge (£1000 Value)
  •  Free Bonus #1: Eat Your Way To Mental Wealth (£69 Value)
  •  Free Bonus #2: The Morning Anxiety Remedy (£69 Value)
  •  Free Bonus #3: Siddhartha & Think And Grow Rich  (£14 Value)
  • ​A One-of-a-Kind 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Total Value: £1152
But on this page only, you're getting all of this...
For Only £27
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All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
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Dynamically Updated
So, let me ask you...
Could you find a few minutes for the next 7 days to use these special techniques, significantly lower your anxiety, and improve how you feel?

This is not for those who are looking for a magic pill...

However, if you can put aside a short amount of time for the next 7 days to follow my simple step by step strategy, you will see great results.

You’ve seen how you could have already significantly lowered your anxiety if you had only found this sooner. 

You saw how people who have followed my strategy have already overcome their anxiety and are using their newfound confidence and energy to create the life they desire.

I’ve given you a special offer with a huge one-time discount and a performance guarantee that fully covers you.
Now it is up to you to decide from the following options:
Option #1: Give in to those automatic negative thoughts, do absolutely nothing and allow them to keep you from living the way you want to live.

But if you’re ready to start improving your anxiety, that only leaves you with two other options...

Option #2: Do it yourself. You can try to dive deep into the thousands of studies that are published each year. Take the programs and read the books. Then try to analyze all the exercises and hope you’ll find the ones that actually work, the ones that could significantly lower your anxiety within the next 7 days.

That’s what I spent years of my life and a lot of money doing if you’re willing to do the same.

Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you. I’ll put my proven strategy to work for you. I’ve done the legwork so I’ll send you the techniques and exercises that truly work.

All you need to do is watch my videos fill in the activity book, and see and feel the changes occur.

Of these three options, ask yourself...
What’s Going To Be Easier for You?
Only you can decide.

But I’m ready to guide and support you through this strategy and show you exactly what to do for the next 7 days to see incredible results.

Then, if like most people after 7 days you feel so great you want to continue this journey with me, in the challenge area you have the option to sign up for the additional 4 weeks of the challenge.

And the investment you make today will be deducted from the final challenge price.

All you have to do is click the button below. That will take you to the secure checkout page.

Simply spend 30 seconds filling in your details and in 2 minutes' time, you and I can be on our way to transforming how you feel.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So get yourself over here and start using the new strategy that is improving people’s lives as we speak.
P.S. These are a few of the comments made by previous challengers...

The 53 exercise has helped me be more optimistic and centered throughout the day. I start every day with it and recommend it to all of my friends and family. It is truly a life changer.

M Bowyer

I could not have asked for a better experience during this difficult time. I learned a lot about myself and my anxiety is noticeably better. Thank you for this!

Hels R

Lee, I can't thank you enough for this. It has been life changing for me and I have been sharing it with my patients ever since we met. Thank you so much.

Dr. Mohan

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. I already feel this is improving the quality of my life. Thank you.

Nancy Taylor

This challenge is truly life changing I am LOVING it! So simple yet so well put together! I feel blessed to come across you guys especially now in such crazy times! 

Deja Oquendo

Only 4 days into the challenge and I feel the difference already. The energy in my day flows much more easier! Thanks 
a lot!

Stefan Chladek

I loved this challenge so much I am going through it again. I must admit I was a little skeptical at first and I think this stopped me seeing big results in week 1 because that quickly changed in week 2. By the end of week 3 I was a total convert and telling all my friends about it!

Jane Goddard

I have just completed the challenge and I would rate this 6 stars if I could. I fully recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their own wellbeing and happiness. I enjoyed this immensely and am quite sad that it is finished! 

Richard Thomas

You would not believe the changes I have noticed! I feel much more confident and happy. I love how aware I am of my thoughts and that I can easily gain control of my elephant when things go off course.

Christina Tobiloba

I cannot thank you enough for putting this program together. Even after just a week of going through the different steps and processes you outlined I was able to get amazing results. I'm really looking forward to the remaining weeks with you!

Marie-Pierre L

Wow! A five-star transformative practical and effective challenge, experience and opportunity. Try it. You will feel 100% different by DAY 7. What a gift! Thank you Lee.

Leah Kotkes

If you're hesitant about going for this challenge, I really highly recommend it. I took it and Lee has so many easy steps to focus your energy. They're so simple to implement yet so powerful. I really recommend you go for it!

Melanie Moradian

This is an amazing program. It's like having your own daily accountability partner to make sure you start in the right mindset. It's tremendous at helping you kick start your day. My favourite exercise by far is the 5x3 exercise.


Loved the simple "refocusing" exercises that helped me see what really makes us happy. This course not only changed my life perspective but enriched the lives of the people around me.

Jennifer K

Simply wonderful! I cannot recommend Lee and his challenges more. He has helped me to believe in myself and the changes I have made are because I believe I deserve happiness and want it for myself. Lee is inspiring.

Christa Jane
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